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2017-2018 Season's Donations

Last season, Quilters 2 donated 365 quilts to 16 charities. The quilts were of varying sizes, with a large number being for kids.  

This season 277 items have been donated to 13 charities as of the end of March 2018.

Charities Served

Quilters 2 is dedicated to producing quilts for donation to Tucson area charities. The charities are carefully screened to be certain that the quilts will be received by individuals who need and will appreciate them. 
Approximately two hundred quilts are donated each year, ranging from baby size through several intermediate sizes to full bed size and small pillows. A chart of sizes used for our charities is listed below the charities served.

The charities currently served are: 

**     Banner UMC Oncology
         (treat children birth to 18 years old with cancer);
         prefer all sizes of quilts.

**     Candlelighters (provide support and education for children and adolescents with cancer);
         prefer baby, lap, and kid size quilts.

**     Da Vida Dialysis (serve dialysis patients 45-90 years of age);
         prefer twin size.

**     Emerge (serve victims of domestic abuse, provide child care infant to 12 years);
         prefer baby, youth and twin quilts.

**     Esperanza En Escalante (housing area near the base for homeless as well as transitional         
         veterans); prefer twin size quilts.

**     Fisher House (a home away from home for veterans or active duty
         military personnel); prefer lap and twin sizes.

**     Fresenius Dialysis
         (serve dialysis patients).

**     Gospel Rescue Mission
         (provide emergency shelter and teach women & children life skills).

**     Habitat For Humanity
         (provide housing for low income working people);
         prefer quilts of all sizes for various ages.

**     La Paloma Family Services
         (operate 8 group homes and 100 foster care homes in Pima County;
support more than 350 children in foster care); need quilts from baby to queen.

**     Marshall Home For Men
         (serve veterans of WWII, Korea, Vietnam and Gulf War; maximum capacity is 52 men);
         prefer twin quilts with matching pillowcase.

**     Pepe's House (serve terminally ill patients);
         prefer lap to twin size quilts.

**     Pio Decimo (serve needy families & children);
         prefer all sizes of quilts.

**     Primavera Foundation - Las Abuelitas
         (grandparents raising grandchildren).

**     Quilt For a Cause
         (quilt auction to benefit breast cancer);
         prefer quilts of all sizes.

**     Shyann Kindness Project
         (underprivileged at risk, medically fragile children);
         prefer kid size.

**     Sister Jose Women's Center (adult woman's shelter for homeless women in Tucson);
         prefer twin size quilts.

**     TMC Children's Clinic
         (treat children with many disabilities and cancer); infant to twin.

**     TMM (Tucson Metropolitan Ministry)
         (serving single parents and families to get them self sufficient).

**     Veteran's Hospital
         (serve veterans of U.S. military);
         prefer lap and twin, flannel backed quilts / male orientated.

**     Youth on Their Own (helps homeless youth);
         prefer lap to twin size quilts.

*Quilt Sizes for Quilters 2 Charities




36 x 36


45 x 45

Lap / Wheelchair

48 x 60


48 x 75


60 x 75


60 x 80

*These sizes are unique to Quilters 2 charity quilts and have no drop allowance.